Marmara region authorized distributor

Altus offers the pinnacle of quality in home appliances, consumer electronics, central air and heating systems and is known for its low environmental impact and ease of ownership.


Marmara region authorized distributor

Demirdokum provides a powerful engineering infrastructure and numerous distribution outlets provides both sales support and support in system delivery.


Turkey distributor

Grundig is known for its modern and chic designs coupled with high quality manufacturing processes designed for longevity. Grundig is designed to captivate by combining form and function and incorporation of unrivaled advanced functions.


Marmara region authorized distributor

LG provides efficiency for both the home and the office. LG monitoring systems offer innovative solutions while keeping the costs low.


Chain stores

Philips offers what audiophiles value most with its audio and visual systems. With unmatched sound quality and sophisticated design features, Philips is a world leader in entertainment electronics.